Eleanor de Molay, commonly known as El, is a Templar agent. Born near the Languedoc city of Carcassonne, she has served the Order of the Knights Templar across England, France and the Iberian peninsula. Her uncle is the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay.

Highly perceptive and conscientious, El firmly believes in doing what is right by God, and working through the Temple's orders is the means by which she achieves this. El is slight in stature, with dark brown hair, light summertime freckles, a small nose and narrow mouth. She is by no means physically imposing. However, she is remarkably resilient and athletic, capable of holding her own and enduring in a violent world. Nor does El lack courage, resourcefulness and bravery, but carries with it an intense feeling of responsibility and, if things turn out as she did not intend, guilt.

She sees Master Guy de Foresta as a father figure, and is close friends with Sir Henry of the Temple.

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