Guy de Foresta is the Master of the London Temple and the most senior Templar Knight in England. Guy is described as being a huge man, at least seven feet in height. He also broad and strong, with massive hands and a great bald head towering above all others in the kingdom. Whilst fighting in the Holy Land, Guy was given the nickname of 'The Anvil', such was his hardness, toughness and resilience.

Alongside his prodigious physical gifts, the Temple Master possesses an extraordinary intellect and energy, such that Sir Henry of the Temple considers him an amalgamation of heroic figures from scripture and legend. Both Henry and Eleanor de Molay consider him a mentor and teacher, and both venerate him. Despite his intimidating presence, Guy is jovial and kind, devoted to his faith.

As the Master of the Temple, de Foresta plays a significant role in the governance of the realm. His relationship with Edward Longshanks, King of England, is not always easy, not that the gentle giant would admit as much.

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