Madog ap Llywelyn is the self-proclaimed Prince of Wales, on account of his distant relation to Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, who was the last recognised Prince of Wales. Madog led a revolt against the English across Wales in 1294 and early 1295, amassing many successes and seriously threatening English rule in the country. At one stage, his forces besieged King Edward himself in Conwy Castle.

Madog was defeated at Maes Moydog in March 1295, however, and was afterwards captured by the Earl of Arundel's men. He is imprisoned at Clun Castle, and his gaolkeeper, Adelaide, leads him to believe that he had been betrayed by the Dragons alongside whom he had fought in the revolt.

Imprisonment and torture have left Madog physically and emotionally damaged. He is thin with long, limp, brown hair and a scraggly beard, a far cry from the dashing and charismatic nobleman he once was. Nearly two decades previously he had been friends with King Edward and richly rewarded with lands in Wales through this friendship, but those days are long gone.

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