Matthew Norris is a member of the Knights Templar and the Master of the Paris Temple. This puts him in a position of almost unparalleled political clout in France and with the French court, even if he is not a member. He is described as utterly uncompromising and prone to vitriolic contempt for those who displease him. Master Norris is a talented administrator and keenly defends the Temple's interests, particularly in its financial dealings with the French king Philippe, especially given that the King is in huge debt to the Paris Temple. Norris has a clear vision of the Temple's moral, political and financial responsibilities to Christendom.

He is a physically slight man with sharp, light blue eyes, a frowning, jowly face and a piercing voice. Born in England, Norris is neutral in the conflict between the English king Edward and Phillippe of France, owing to his loyalty to the Templar Order.

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