Thorfridr, also know by the nickname Tova, is an agent of the Knights Templar who has lived in the Smoky Cove, Iceland for a decade since moving from Norway. Her role is to guard an unspecified treasure known simply as the Wheel, that the Temple has sent to the remote island for safekeeping.

Tova is towering in stature and presence - an astonishing six and a half feet tall with icy blue eyes, youthful face and blonde hair. So striking is her appearance that many in Iceland believe her to be a Valkyrie from the old Norse legends. She is fiercely driven and not easily dissuaded from her objectives. Tova feels great frustration at what she feels to be an ostracism to a foreign land (even though Norway and Iceland largely share a language). She is especially vengeful when she feels she has been wronged, and her great stature and driven personality means she can come across as particularly intimidating.

Tova is married to Einar, with whom she has an infant daughter, Iðunn. She is friends with Hulda, the ancient priestHaraldur and Richard of Kent.

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